AIRSCREAM Compliant Flavour Sticker Order Form

Please note that ALL AIRSCREAM products are compliant with the recently amended Vape Regulation on nicotine concentration strength. As a retailer, you will only need to apply the compliant flavour stickers with the new nicotine index to your current inventory. We are facing a large amount of request, please allow 8-10 days to process your sticker order.

AIRSCREAM PRODUCT To streamline the process of applying compliant product stickers, AIRSCREAM created a 1-Apply-to-ALL sticker system.

The 1-Apply-to-ALL system simplifies the application of compliant flavour names across all AIRSCREAM product lines. Refer to the example images below to see how it works.

These stickers can be effortlessly mixed and matched with any combination of NEW Compliant Names and NEW Nicotine Strengths. For added convenience, we've also designed a form where both the Name and 28.5 Nicotine Strength are printed on the same sticker.

Please refer to the new Number ID Chart of AIRSCREAM, to help you locate the new VS. old flavour names even more easier.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, our customer service team at the wholesale office, or your regional representatives, are always available to help.