AIRSCREAM Faulty Product Return and Replacement Application


AIRSCREAM Faulty Form must be completed before a replacement can be issued or any faulty claim problems can be resolved.



Before completing the form, please ensure that you have all the necessary information ready:

Product Batch Number: We highly request this information as it helps us track identical products immediately if they are proven to have major issues. 

Faulty Reason: It is mandatory to provide this information to help us identify the issue with the claimed product. We have provided a list of reasons that can be selected on the faulty form, which could apply to your faulty product.

Images or Videos of Items: We require visual proof of faulty/damaged items or a clear image of the product batch number to support your faulty claim.

Optional Request: Please be aware that we might request the return of faulty items if needed for further inspection. Please ensure you collect and keep all faulty products from the end customer that have not yet been processed for a claim.


Thank you for your patience as we promptly address your claim.
You will receive an email confirmation once your claim has been investigated and processed.
If the faulty claim is approved, the faulty replacement will be dispatched with your new order.


    To get more information, please see our Returns and Exchange Policy.
    Any further questions or need assistance, please contact our Customer Support Line at 04 979 7313 or email us at